Family-owned and operated, the experts at FLOOR PRO take great pride in providing expert and quality cleaning services for residential customers, doing the job the right way the first time, building lasting relationships, and offering these services at competitive prices.

Impeccable customer service, state-of-the-art equipment, and quality care are the cornerstones of our business. Schedule your next cleaning appointment now to experience the FLOOR PRO Difference!

Before - Dirty hardwood floor
Result of hardwood floor cleaning

When your carpet looks or smell bad, it makes your entire house unwelcoming. The team of IICRC trained technicians at FLOOR PRO are trained to diagnose and treat all different types of carpet to ensure you are getting the best service that fits your budget and is safe for your family. We use “green” cleaning solutions specially formulated to thoroughly penetrate all carpet fibers, breaking down stains and odors in a safe, environmentally friendly manner.

We employ a powerful jet extraction system to gently, but effectively, remove any stains from wine, juice, chocolate, and even pet stains. Our system also removes allergens and dust from your carpets which could be making your or your family sick!

When we’re done, we’ll help replace your furnishings in their previous locations, dispose of dirty water in a sanitary manner and clean up after ourselves.

Floor Pro Carpet Cleaners Lexington SC
Floor Pro Carpet Cleaners Lexington SC

Area rugs serve many purposes in your home. They help tie a room together, add warmth to your home, and texture to your living space. At FLOOR PRO, we give special attention and care toward area rugs of every type, size and age. Area rugs are typically placed in high-traffic locations in your home and demand the highest level of care to keep them looking their best. We treat every area rug like an heirloom!

Area rugs require special care. Our system cleans and extracts dirt and odor from your area rugs, rinses the area rugs of all dirt, and leaves a clean, dry area rug that looks and smells as good as the day you purchased it.

Not only can we clean area rugs in your home, we also offer a pick-up/delivery service for area rugs needing specialty care! We can clean all types of area rugs from synthetic to wool, and custom-blends.

air duct cleaningYou may not see it, but there’s probably dust and debris clogging the air ducts in your home which costs you money (due to higher energy costs) and leaves unhealthy air that you and your family breathe every day. Pet dander, construction, smoking and just every day use can be responsible for leaving your air ducts dirty.

Our team can remove those pollutants out of the air ducts in your home so you can breathe better and save money on lower energy costs. Clean air ducts are a key element to your overall health and well-being. Eliminating dust and dirt from your air ducts can improve your air quality, leave your home cleaner and free of dust, and increases HVAC efficiency.


Dirty edge of the house
Dirty edge of the house

Mold can appear in many different forms and often you don’t know it’s there until it becomes a major problem. Mold can lead to serious health issues including allergies, sinus infections and persistent headaches. If you notice large spots of mold, it usually indicates a bigger problem that’s hiding in your home. The experts at FLOOR PRO can locate mold spores in your home, determine the cause of the problem and eliminate any potentially hazardous conditions for you and your family restoring your home to normal.

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From pet stains to cigarette smoke, food odors and more, a smelly home isn’t pleasant. Odors can be difficult to completely remove as they permeate throughout the structure and become embedded in walls, floors, furniture and more. We use a state-of-the-art cleaning process to permanently remove odors from your home. Our odor removal process is safe and can be used to treat all types of surfaces in your home.

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Dirty carpet
After result of carpet cleaning

We love our pets but sometimes they don’t always love our carpets as much as we do! We offer an array of different cleaning options to combat odors and spots left behind by our pets whether it’s from training of a new pet, the aging of an elderly pet, simple accidents, sickness or marking of their territory. We offer one-time deodorizing treatments for spots and smells and a protection treatment to resist future stains.

Residential dirty floor
Clean floor

If you have tile and grout in your home, you know how hard it is to keep it clean. But did you know that using cleaning products you buy from the store can actually damage your floors?

Typically, cleaning your tile floors pushes soil and dirt into grout lines instead of removing it. Over time, this makes the tile look old, worn and outdated. We use tools specifically designed for these surfaces and our system deep cleans your tile floors, removing the soils and stains that have built up leaving your space clean and looking like new.

We also offer grout sealing services, sealing grout lines so dirt can’t penetrate as easily into porous grout materials.

Dirty Sofa - Floor Pro Quality Cleaning Lexington SC
Dirty Sofa - Floor Pro Quality Cleaning Lexington SC

Behind buying your home, the furniture you put in it can be one of your biggest investments. Dirt, allergens, and odors can get trapped in the material of your furniture and over time can cause them to look dirty and dingy.

Our eco-friendly upholstery cleaning process can prolong the life and appearance of your home furnishings. Our friendly and professional cleaning crews are highly trained in manufacturer’s recommendations for upholstery cleaning and warranty requirements, covering almost all fabric types, including silks, synthetic blends, cottons, velvets, leather, and suede.